• This strategic plan seeks to contribute to good governance by promoting accountability through social accountability mechanisms. COU-TEDDO identifies poor service delivery as a key challenge primarily as a result of gaps in governance structures at service provision centres. This Programme area will thus focus on empowering communities who are the social service end users and rights holders to hold duty bearers accountable on their mandate to provide quality services to citizens.
  • Through a Rights Based Approach (RBA), interventions that place the rights holder/service users (communities) at the center and ensure they are empowered to demand for services will be pursued. The thrust of this programme area will be to mobilize and organize citizens to have a collective and effective voice to influence the desired change.   Availing accountability spaces where duty bearers and rights holders engage meaningfully to address service delivery gaps will be critical to achieving social accountability.
  • Empowering communities will involve key actions like sensitization and awareness creation about the roles, responsibilities and rights of a citizen, facilitating communities to access relevant information, training community members on the application of social accountability tools that involve monitoring service delivery to generate evidence based information that is used to engage duty bearers for action.
  • Citizen mobilizing and organizing will involve actions like identifying, recruiting community volunteers to participate in monitoring social service delivery, gathering evidence for engagement and engaging duty bearers to address service delivery gaps identified.
  • Availing accountability spaces will involve creation of accountability/dialogue platforms, taking advantage of the existing ones to influence actors in these spaces with factual information on the state of social services, reporting the social service flaws and gaps to duty bearers for redress. Communities will be empowered to engage in these spaces meaningfully to effect the desired change.


Strategic Action (SA) Description of Strategic Action Under the Governance and Social Accountability Programme
SA 1 Citizen mobilizing to participate in spaces that promote accountability and transparency
SA 2 Citizen Organising into a collective voice that can meaningfully engage duty bearers
SA 3 Sensitizing citizens on duties, rights and obligations to empower them exercise and demand for these rights
SA 4 Creating awareness of government programs and processes to meaningfully engage and influence
SA 5 Monitoring of government programs, services and policies and exposure of anomalies

Key Results

  • Citizens empowered to hold duty bearers accountable.
  • Duty bearers are responsive to citizen demands.
  • Citizens are organised to influence the desired change.

Key Result 1.1: Citizens empowered to hold duty bearers accountable.

Key outputs

  1. Capacity of citizens and communities strengthened to monitor government programmes.
  2. Capacity of citizens and communities developed to hold duty bearers accountable.
  3. Capacity of citizens and communities developed to demand for equitable services

Key Result 1.2: Duty bearers are responsive to citizen demands.

Key outputs

  1. Duty bearers take action on citizens’ demands.
  2. Duty bearers are accountable to citizens
  3. Reduced cases of mismanagement of public resources

Key Result 1.3: Citizens are organized to influence the desired change

Key outputs

  1. Citizens mobilized and organized into a collective voice that meaningfully engages with duty bearers.
  2. Duty bearers respond positively to the organized and mobilized citizenry.